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Experiments in Reflection

by Leticia Britos Cavagnaro

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Notice what matters, sharpen your intuition, and grow personally and professionally by honing your skills of reflection in this illustrated guide from Stanford University’s d.school.

While we often think of reflection as a way to consider what is or was, it can also be a powerful tool for imagining and shaping what could be.

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The author

Leticia Britos Cavagnaro

Leticia is a scientist turned designer. While earning her Ph.D. in Developmental Biology from Stanford University, her passion for designing learning experiences led her to the d.school in 2006, and she never left. Leticia has created and facilitated a wide range of courses in design, creativity, and innovation, including Advanced Reflective Practice, which she developed for the Stanford MS Program in Design Impact. As co-founder and co-Director of the University Innovation Fellows program, she has empowered thousands of students and educators from over 300 universities globally to be agents of change.

Leticia has also worked with corporate and social sector leaders. Her creative methods include the use of emerging technologies to help people grow as self-directed, action-oriented, reflective, and responsible shapers of the future. If she were granted a wish, she would bring her home country of Uruguay a tad closer to San Francisco, California, where she lives with her husband. 

They said about the book:

They said about the book:

This book is wildly inspiring, incredibly practical, and challenging in all the best ways. It is a joy to read and to play with. We all deserve the tools to help us imagine hopeful futures and what it will take to make the life and the world we want.

The thought experiments and opportunities for reflection in this book fill me with urgent optimism - it will fill you with urgent optimism, too.

Jane McGonigal

New York Times bestselling author

In her groundbreaking book, Leticia masterfully illustrates the critical role of reflection in shaping our lives and futures. With her powerful experiments, she challenges readers to not only consider what exists or what has passed but to boldly envision what could be.

This book is an essential guide, reminding us that reflection is a fundamental aspect of the human experience, and encouraging us to engage more deeply and meaningfully with the world.

Dr. Frederik Pferdt

Google's first and former Chief Innovation Evangelist

Insights are gold. They’re the holy grail in design because they change the way we think, work, and solve problems. 'Experiments in Reflection' offers a set of meticulously crafted reflection exercises, designed to help you uncover insights that are not only innovative but also deeply meaningful.

The true magic of these exercises is their ability to be revisited repeatedly, each time uncovering new facets of understanding. This guide is a must for innovators, entrepreneurs, and anyone on a quest to push boundaries and redefine what’s possible.

Melissa Pelochino

Founder & Chief Experience Officer, Clayful Health

Experiments for you

Reflection At Work

Invite Leticia to lead a workshop, webinar, or interactive lecture for your team or organization, on how reflection can help individuals and teams learn together and envision possibilities.

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Reflection At School

Invite Leticia to lead a workshop, webinar, or interactive lecture for university-level faculty, K-12 teachers, and education leaders, on how to incorporate reflection to make learning visible and inform formative assessment.

Inquire at [email protected]


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